Quick Bites: Corp Comms vs PR

Quick Bites is a series where I pen three quick learning points about a particular topic, to fit in with my post COVID-19 lockdown schedule.

Here are three learning points from a quick research (using this Quora entry) on the difference between Corporate Communications (Corp Comms) and Public Relations (PR) functions:

  • Corp Comms deals with communication needed to keep all stakeholders informed of a company’s vision, mission and strategic objectives. Modes can be written or verbal, orientation can be internal or external, and platforms can be print or digital.
  • PR deals with positioning an organisation’s brand in the eyes of the public, which is typically about generating a positive image of the organisation.
  • PR works closely with Corp Comms. For instance, they often work together to produce external communications materials and understand external audiences. However, PR’s distinct function might involve thinking of how to increase reach and improve its own standing. A common example would be its damage control function, to restore a company’s standing after an incident.

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